Schedule and Readings

    Week 1: Introduction

3/9: Introduction (Powerpoint)
Read: Philosophy of Mind: A Beginner’s Guide (PM), Introduction
5/9: Dualism (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 1

    Week 2: Mental Substances

10/9: Idealism (Powerpoint)
Read: Berkeley, A Treatise concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, sections 1-33 (NOT the introduction).
12/9: Physicalism (Powerpoint)
(No Reading)

    Week 3: Behaviorism

17/9: Behaviorism (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 2
19/9: The Identity Theory
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 3

    Week 4: Type and Token Identity Theories

24/9 Functionalism (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 4
26/9: Eliminativism (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 5

    Week 5: Eliminativism

1/10: NO CLASS: National Day
(No Reading)
3/10: EXAM 1
(No Reading)

    Week 6: Subjectivity

8/10: Subjectivity (Powerpoint)
Read: Nagel, “What Is It Like to Be a Bat”
10/10: The Knowledge Argument (Powerpoint)
Read: Jackson, “Epiphenomenal Qualia”
Writing Assignment 1 here. Due 17/10 BEFORE class. Send by email to michael dot dracula dot johnson at gmail dot com.

    Week 7: The Knowledge Argument

15/10: The Knowledge Argument (Continued) (Powerpoint)
(Reading Continued)
17/10: What Is Consciousness? (Powerpoint)
Read: Armstrong “What Is Consciousness?”

    Week 8: The Hard Problem

22/10: The Hard Problem (Powerpoint)
Read: Chalmers, “Facing up to the Problem of Consciousness”
Color Illusion from Class
24/10: Mental Causation (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 10

    Week 9: Personal Identity

29/10: Personal Identity (Powerppoint)
Read: Parfit, “Reductionism and Personal Identity”
31/10: Personal Identity (Continued)
Read: Dennett, “Where Am I?”

    Week 10: The Computational Theory of Mind

5/11: EXAM 2
(No Reading)
7/11: The Computational Theory of Mind (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 6
Mechanical Computing Video: here

    Week 11: More on the Computational Theory

12/11: The Computational Theory of Mind (Continued)
(Reading Continued)
14/11: The Chinese Room Argument (Powerpoint)
Read: Searle, “Can Computers Think?”

    Week 12: Connectionism

19/11: Connectionism (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch.7
21/11: NO CLASS: Congregation
(No Reading)
Writing Assignment 2 here Due 3/12.

    Week 13: Content

26/11: Content (Powerpoint)
Read: Ravenscroft, PM, Ch. 9
28/11: Content 2 (Powerpoint)
(Reading Continued)

    Week 14: The Extended Mind

3/12: The Extended Mind (Powerpoint)
Read: Clark, “The Extended Mind”
5/12: Last day of class, EXAM 3
(No Reading)