Handing in Assignments:

Submit your problem sets to Ms. Loletta Li in Room 10.13, 10/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus. Make sure your problem set is timestamped. Do not submit assignments by email. Late penalty: 10% for each day late.
Please submit your assignments before 4:00PM on the date due.

28 January, Problem set 1 available covers material through SL04
7 February, Problem set 1 due
Note: If you do not turn your problem set in on by 8 February, you won’t have a chance to turn it in (next week is the New Year’s holiday).
18 February, Problem set 1 returned answer key

18 February, Problem set 2 available covers material through DS04
28 February, Problem set 2 due
11 March, Problem set 2 returned answer key

14 March, Reading Week, Midterm quiz covers material through DS04
Note: the derivations on the Midterm will be harder than those in Problem Set 2
Midterm will be held in LE1 (Library Extension Building), at 12:30- 13:30
25 March, Midterm quiz returned

25 March, Problem set 3 available covers material through PL02
5 April, Problem set 3 due
15 April, Problem set 3 returned

15 April, Problem set 4 available covers everything
25 April, Problem set 4 due
6 May, Problem set 4 returned

May, Final exam covers everything
Note: the derivations on the final will be harder than those on Problem Set 4
Date and location 9:30 to 10:30 AM, 22 May 2013