Key Facts

All material for this course is online.
This website links to all the information you need.
This is a 3 credit self-study course.
There are no lectures and no tutorials.

If you need help, use the online discussion forum.
Your comments and questions are welcome!
If you need more help, contact the course tutor.

The Midterm is on Thursday 8 March 2012.
This is during Reading week.
No makeup midterm is planned.
Do not take this course if you know that
you cannot attend the Midterm.

You are permitted to discuss problems sets with others.
However, you must write the problem sets by yourself.
Do not copy the work of anyone else.
Do not let others copy your work.
If you copy, or permit others to copy,
you may fail the course.

Late problem sets will be penalized.
The grade will be lowered 10% for each day late.

This course is not open to students who have
taken PHIL1068, PHIL1008 or PHIL2510.
This course is not open to students who are
taking PHIL1068.

We do not permit students to drop the course after
the add/drop period.

Course Assessment

15% Problem set 1

15% Problem set 2

30% Midterm quiz
one hour long, during Reading Week on Thursday 8 March

40% Final exam
two hours long, during the examination period in May