PHIL2008 Logic for Philosophers 2 2012

PHIL 2008 Logic for Philosophers 2
Second Semester: 2011-12

Welcome to the Logic for Philosophers 2 course web site.
The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to logic.

This course is designed for Philosophy majors.
But students from any faculty are welcome to enroll.
Whatever your background, good training in logic should
improve your ability to think clearly, rationally and systematically.

This course is a continuation of PHIL2006 Logic for Philosophers 1.
Students should either have taken 2006, or be prepared
to master the material from 2006 on their own.
Students who have taken PHIL1068 are not permitted to take PHIL2006.

The tutors for this course are:

Lam Ka Ho: lamkaho at hku dot hk

Irwin Chan: irwinchan10 at gmail dot com

Email the professor at:

michael.dracula.johnson at gmail dot com