Handing in Assignments:

Submit your problem sets to Ms. Loletta Li in Main Building 312. Make sure your problem set is timestamped. Do not submit assignments by email. Late penalty: 10% for each day late.

30 January, Problem set 1 available
6 February, Problem set 1 due
12 February, last day late problem sets will be accepted
15 February, Problem set 1 returned– answer key

15 February, Problem set 2 available
22 February, Problem set 2 due
IMPORTANT: Please ignore the line in the original instructions that said “This problem set will not be accepted after 21 February.”
The problem set is due on the 22nd and it will be late if received after that date.
2 March, Problem set 2 returned answers here

8 March, Reading Week, Midterm quiz
Midterm will be held in LE 1 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
20 March, Midterm quiz returned answer key

22 March, Problem set 3 available
29 March, Problem set 3 due
10 April, Problem set 3 returned answers here

11 April, Problem set 4 available
18 April, Problem set 4 due
27 April, Problem set 4 returned answers here

May, Final exam
Wednesday May 16th 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM Loke Yew Hall