Course Description


CCC8001 Logic and Critical Thinking
Instructor: Dr. Michael Johnson
Language of instruction: English
Meeting Times:
Mondays at LKK 105 13:30-14:50
Thursdays at LKK 102 13:30-14:50


Office: HSH219, 2/F., Ho Sin Hang Building
Office telephone: 2616 7052
Office Hour: Monday 15:00-16:00
Email: michael dot dracula dot johnson at gmail


The primary aim of this course is to teach students basic but essential skills of analyzing,
evaluating, and constructing arguments, and to hone their ability to execute the skills in
thinking and writing. The course will discuss some of the useful notions and methods
of deductive logic, the basic elements of statistical inference, experimental design, and
causal reasoning, as well as common fallacies in reasoning.


Students are expected to develop the following abilities:
• The ability to recognize and analyze arguments in everyday language, to detect
hidden or implicit premises, and to extract the logical form of an argument
• The ability to show the deductive validity of an argument, to
recognize and criticize the flaws of a weak argument, and to develop counter-
• The ability to evaluate the strength of evidential support for scientific hypotheses,
especially causal hypotheses, in relatively simple cases
• The ability to present arguments cogently in speech and in writing